NanoAir project contributes by providing additional and original data related to physical-chemical properties of atmospheric aerosols including a synergy between inversion products of remote sensing techniques, analytical microscopy and nanoscale imaging & spectroscopy. NanoAir aims to bring complementary and original responses by using for the first time the most advanced scattering-type Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy (s-SNOM), which combines Atomic Force Microscopy with optical imaging and spectroscopy at the nanoscale (nano-FTIR) in order to better understand the fundamental of some critical physico – chemical transformation of the atmospheric aerosols (pollutants) but also for applications point of view. NeaSNOM nano-FTIR technology is a powerful tool for cutting-edge nano-analytic applications, allowing for nanoscale imaging and nano-FTIR spectroscopy with outstanding spatial resolution down to 10 nm. NanoAir results will be correlated with atmospherically conditions and inversion products in order to fully understand the effects on the optical properties of thinly coated soot aerosols and how ns-soot is coated by, attached to, or embedded within other pollutants. Additionally, NanoAir concept will be dedicated according to the scientific objectives of the international networks (GAW, ACTRIS, AERONET etc.) in order to provide trustworthy absorption characteristics for predominant aerosol light absorbers of anthropogenic and natural origin, targeting the needs of the modelling, in-situ and remote sensing communities. NanoAir will optimize the aerosols component by improving the existing collaborations and infrastructures, data processing and quality assessment, implementing additional observation capabilities and new data products and thus NanoAir will provide new tools to fully exploit the products capable of contributing to aerosol and climate research.

Assoc. Prof. PhD Eng. Marius-Mihai Cazacu

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